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Intercom systems and entry panels

Intercom systems are common features in many residential buildings and private offices, allowing residents to communicate with visitors before granting them access to the property.

Intercom systems become even more convenient when integrated into smart homes and offices. Users can remotely communicate with visitors using their smartphone or tablet, and even see them through a two-way communication channel from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Smart access and security

Traditional intercom systems require residents to be present to answer calls and grant access. Smart home integration enables homeowners to communicate with visitors and grant access remotely, convenient and secure.

Homeowners can remotely communicate with visitors and unlock their doors to receive packages, saving time and avoiding the need for alternative delivery arrangements.

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Smart door locks

Automated door locks are becoming increasingly common in smart homes due to their ability to provide remote monitoring and access control to doors. This allows users to open and close doors from a distance using their smartphones, tablets, NFC and other mobile devices.
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Automated door locks in smart homes offer better security, convenience, and accessibility
  • Track and control who has access to your home and office and when.
  • Grant access to guests or service providers remotely.
  • Work in conjunction with security cameras or motion detectors.
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Automatic door locks can be integrated with smart home assistants for voice control, which is convenient for those with mobility issues or a busy lifestyle.
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Motorised Gates and latches integrations

Open and close your motorised gates and latches using your smartphone, voice, or remote control.

Smart home integration of automatic locking systems allows remote access control and monitoring from anywhere in the world, using modern technologies such as RFID tags and facial recognition software to automate gate and latch control.

Automating and integrating gate and latches control into a smart home system is a secure and convenient way to manage access to your property.

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