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What is smart home IT infrastructure?

The IT infrastructure in a smart home is a complex system that consists of various components and devices working together to provide a seamless experience for the user. At the core of this infrastructure is a certified smart IoT home system that serves as the backbone of the entire network.

Maze&Space meets all the requirements of IT infrastructure in Smart Homes


A smart home is only as good as its IT infrastructure. A reliable infrastructure ensures that all devices are connected, and data is transmitted seamlessly, providing a reliable and uninterrupted user experience.


Smart homes generate a lot of data, and it is essential to protect it from potential cyber threats. A strong IT infrastructure provides multiple layers of security to protect the smart home's data, preventing unauthorised access and data breaches.


A smart home's IT infrastructure must be scalable, allowing new coverage zones to be added to the network easily. A robust infrastructure can handle the increased data flow and device connectivity, ensuring that the smart home can be extended and adapt to changing needs.


An efficient smart home IT infrastructure consist of devices powered using PoE/PoE++ (802.3af/at) standards over ethernet RJ45 Cat5e/6 cables. This approach optimise the use of resources and minimise energy consumption, saving money on wiring cables to hard-to-reach places and reducing the home's environmental impact.


The purpose of a smart home is to make life more convenient for the user. A reliable IT infrastructure is necessary to ensure that all devices work together seamlessly, can be controlled remotely, providing a hassle-free and comfortable living experience.


A good and strong IT infrastructure is essential for a smart home to ensure reliability, security, scalability, efficiency, and convenience. Without a robust infrastructure, the smart home will not function flawlessly, resulting in a suboptimal user experience.

Our advantage is the equipment we use in combination with our experience in configuration and installation.

The systems we build typically comprise a selection of low-voltage equipment, such as Ethernet smart switches, hubs, central control key systems based on Ubiquiti OS, indoor/outdoor WiFi access points, and server racks. These components work together to ensure that the network is stable, fast, and secure.

To connect the IT infrastructure to the internet, an incoming internet channel is required from a local provider.

Manage your equipment with ease. From any place

Single control point for your IT infrastructure

As part of our IT Infrastructure solution Maze and Space provides a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes managing your IT devices easy.

Access and manage all the components of the IT system and smart devices remotely from a single centralised place.

Advantages of centralised IT infrastructure control system

System dashboard

On the dashboard you can see the real-time information about the network's status, enabling homeowners to monitor and troubleshoot any issues quickly.


The IT infrastructure control system provided with equipment installed by Maze&Space is completely free to use with no subscription required.

Scalable system

Ideal for smart homes of all sizes. We build the system that can handle multiple devices and components and can be expanded as the smart space grows and evolves.


Security is a significant concern when it comes to smart homes, and Maze and Space offer advanced security features to protect the smart home's data and prevent unauthorized access. We use encryption and secure protocols to ensure that data transmission is secure and private.

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Maze & space brand has been founded in London in 2022 as the result of transformation of HomeKitUA, a well established smart integrations company founded in Ukraine in 2017.

Being an experienced provided of smart systems integrations we’re expanding in the UK as well exploring the international market.

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IT infrastructure
IT infrastructure

A properly built IT infrastructure ensures reliable operation of the smart house systems.

Smart lighting
Smart lighting

Energy-efficient smart lighting has customisation options and can adapt to your daily routine.

Climate systems
Climate systems

Smart climate systems are designed to provide comfort for residents, energy savings and air quality control.


Smart blackout systems can greatly enhance the comfort and privacy of your home.

Emergency systems
Emergency systems

Smart emergency systems with remote control and notifications assure your peace of mind.

Smart video surveillance
Smart video surveillance

Improve the efficiency of security systems with real-time alerts and notifications of potential security threats.

Access control (ACS)
Access control (ACS)

Smart Access control system provides an added layer of security for your home or business.

Blackout systems
Blackout systems

Experience the next level of control with seamless sync between appliances, smart lights, and multi room audio.

Smart security
Smart security

Integration of advanced surveillance technologies and monitoring with other smart systems.

Smart garden
Smart garden

Smart irrigation system that saves water and ensures timely watering of plants.

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