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Water leak protection system

A leak protection system is designed to detect water leaks and automatically shut off the water supply to prevent further consequences in the home.

Water Leak Detection with Remote Monitoring & Alerting

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Leak sensors
Installed in various locations throughout the home, such as under sinks, near water-using appliances, and in the basement, leak sensors detect water leaks and send a signal to the control hub.
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Control hub
To detect leaks on your property and receive notifications on your mobile phone*, you need to have a control hub where all the sensors send data about leak events.
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Water Leak Alarm
The water leak sound and visual alarm is a simple and effective device that alerts you with a flashing red light and a loud alarm when smoke, water or gas leaks are detected by the respective sensors. This gives you time to prevent further damage and keep your home safe.

Our R&D team constantly tests and selects the best products for our customers. We take responsibility for our installations and only work with quality manufacturers.

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Automatic Water Shut Off
Motorised water shut-off valves are used in leakage protection systems to automatically shut off the main water supply when a leak is detected. They are controlled by a smart control unit, which sends a signal from control hub to the valves to shut off the water supply.

Smart home integration of water leak protection system

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  • Remote monitoring and control. Homeowners can monitor the status of the flood sensors and control the water main remotely (Open/Close). Which provides peace of mind and reduces the risk of water damage.
  • Increased efficiency. An automated leak protection system is more efficient than a manual system. It quickly detects leaks and shuts off the water supply to prevent further damage.
  • Lower insurance premiums. Many insurance companies offer lower insurance premiums for homes with a leak protection system. An automated system is likely to reduce insurance premiums even further.
Complete fully integrated leak protection system can be a major investment. Which is why a long product life is important to maintain a low TCO.

Leak protection system installation process

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To install a smart water shut-off system in your home, you will need to take the following steps:
  1. Have a professional to assess your water supply system to determine where to install water shut-off valves.
  2. Install motorised water shut-off valves on the main water supply line and connect it to an smart leak controller.
  3. Install leak detectors in likely areas of water damage and connect them to the smart control hub.
  4. Integrate the smart leak controller into your home automations system for remote* monitoring, notifications and control.
  5. Ensure regular maintenance of the system, including check up every 6 month and battery replacement as needed (approximately ~ every 3 years).
An integrated leak protection system is an essential part of every smart home.

Gas leak protection system

Gas leaks can be deadly and they occur for a variety of reasons, including faulty appliances or damaged pipes. However, the good news is that with the help of automation technology, homeowners can more effectively protect their homes from gas leaks.
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Gas leak detection

Upgrade to a smart gas leak sensors for a safer and more efficient home. It is more convenient and efficient than traditional sensors. It can be controlled and monitored through a smartphone and sends quick notifications* if a gas leak is detected. On top of that, it can be integrated with other smart home devices for a comprehensive home automation system.

The smart gas detector should be installed by a competent person qualified to carry out electrical work in accordance with current wiring regulations.

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Gas Automatic Cut off

Automation of gas leak protection systems includes: gas supply shut-off valves, an intelligent valve controller, and a gas leak detector. When the gas leak protection system is properly designed and installed, it can quickly detect a gas leak, notify the homeowner of the danger, and shut off the gas supply.

The installation an automatic gas shut-off system must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer and comply with current regulations and standards.

Smart Smoke and Fire detection

A smart smoke detection system is designed to detect smoke and fire in its early stages, alerting homeowners and taking the necessary steps to ensure their safety.

The smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm can also be connected to your home security system. This means that if a smoke detector is triggered, it can automatically alert the security system, which can then notify the emergency services if necessary.

The smart smoke detector should be installed by a competent person qualified to carry out electrical work in accordance with current wiring regulations.

*An internet connection is required for emergency remote notifications and control system to work. If your property do not have internet, Maze and Space can provide an alternative solution.

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