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Perimeter control is crucial for home and territory security. It is particularly convenient when all the perimeter sensors and devices integrated into one security ecosystem.

Maze and Space specialise in the integration of all kinds of perimeter control components, such as security shutters, laser barriers, and alarm systems. As a standalone security system, it boasts an extremely high level of reliability and protection from system hacking.

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Automation of external security shutters

Sensors enable roller shutters to automatically open and close based on the homeowner's presence or the time of day/week. This eliminates the need for manual operation and reduces human error. Status alerts can be sent to the homeowner's smartphone to keep them informed.
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Laser barriers integration

To provide indoor/outdoor perimeter protection, sensors are placed to detect and deter intruders. If an intruder does break into the property, alerts can be sent to the homeowner's smartphone and the Police can be notified. Furthermore, if the homeowner has Smart Home integrations, they can livestream the video and take appropriate action from their phone.

In our installations, we use Ajax laser barriers to create a secure perimeter around the premises and inside your property. It is a modern and effective solution for protecting the privacy of your home.

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The components of the perimeter security system are integrated for centralised management and control. Homeowners can remotely access the system using smartphones, tablets, or computers. They can turn the system on and off, activate/deactivate the "night secure mode," and receive alerts for suspicious activity.
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Flexible selection of security equipment for any level of complexity

To ensure the reliability of your security system, it is key to have a range of security equipment in place. By combining sensors, control units, and monitoring/notification options, Maze and Space design a scalable and resilient security system for any property.

When designing a security system, we excel at solving all kinds of problems, including those related to placement, size, scaling, and signal quality between the main hub and the devices. With the modern range of security equipment options, you can customise your system to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Enjoy enhanced security and greater control over your property, whether you are at home or away.

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