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Immersive multimedia devices integrations

Imagine an orchestrating system where your TV, sound system, lighting, and air purification all work together seamlessly to create a unique home entertainment experience.

Smart home cinema

Modern home entertainment systems provide an immersive visual experience with high-quality sound and video that can rival that of a commercial cinema. With the advent of smart homes, integrating a home theatre system into a home automation network is easier and more convenient than ever before.
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Equipment selection
Designing a home cinema involves choosing the right equipment for high-quality sound and video. This includes choosing the right display, speakers, receiver and other components to ensure a seamless viewing and listening experience.
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Professional installation
A professional installation of your home theatre system includes equipment wiring, and setup. It priorities safety, maintenance, and optimal system performance for better viewing and listening experiences. Cables are hidden for a neat and seamless look.
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Preset automations
The final configuration goad for the system be user-friendly, with easy-to-use remote controls, mobile apps and pre-defined automations to control the system. This includes preset modes for different scenarios, such as movie night, gaming, or music. This simplifies the process of switching between modes and improves the user experience.
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Network storage (NAS)

Your personal protected cloud storage

In a smart home, Network Attached Storage (NAS) is essential for storing digital files, including multimedia and work documents. NAS allows easy backup, storage, access, and sharing of data across multiple devices in your home network.

Remote access is a crucial feature of NAS in a smart home. It lets you access your data from anywhere, using a VPN connection for security.

The security of your data is paramount in a smart home, and NAS provides multiple layers of security.

In terms of software, most NAS devices support major platforms such as iPadOS, iOS, MacOS, TVOS, Android, and Windows.

Maze and Space can help with selection, setup and integration of your personal Network Storage with your smart home.

Multi-room system

A multi-room system is an important component of a smart home multimedia system, as it provides shared or separate listening in different rooms or spaces. Designing a multi-room system involves selecting, installing, and configuring audiovisual equipment to facilitate the management of sounds and music in multiple rooms.

Maze and space

Maze and Space can integrate your home theatre with other smart systems in your home to create a truly immersive entertainment experience.

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