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Maze and space

Top smart light systems for every budget

Smart lighting is an important aspect of a smart home, as it allows you to automate light control, increase energy efficiency and create a more convenient and comfortable living environment.

We design and install smart lighting solutions with a balance of efficiency, functionality, flexibility, safety, aesthetics, and consumer needs in mind.

Our goal is to create a comfortable and pleasant living environment, allowing you to forget about the need to repeatedly switch the lights on and off.

The benefits of smart lighting

Maze and space
Automatic lighting control
With intelligent lighting control, you can program your lights to change the intencity and colour of light automatically and switch on and off based on a variety of factors:
  • time of day
  • occupancy
  • and natural light levels.
This can help you to save energy and increase your comfort level, as you don't have to manually switch lights on and off.
Remote control as an additioan feature
Control your lights remotely with your smartphone, tablet, or voice. Easily turn lights on and off or set up light scenarios from anywhere, which can be useful if you forget to turn off the lights or if you want to switch them on before you get home.
Maze and space
Personalised lighting scenarios
Smart lighting control lets you create custom lighting for different moods or activities. For example, a "movie theatre scenario" can dim the lights and turn on accent lighting to create a cosy cinema feeling at home.
Maximum energy efficiency
Smart lighting systems can help reduce energy consumption by automatically switching off lights in empty rooms or adjusting the light level based on the level of natural light and time of day. This can help reduce your energy bills and minimise the environmental impact.
Maze and space
Increased home safery & security
Smart lighting control can also help improve home safety and comfort.
Inside your home, you can create the illusion of people being present when you are not.
Outdoor smart lighting can help to improve safety with Maze and Space intelligent illuminating solutions for pathways entrances and other areas around the home.
Design & Art
Smart lighting can enhance your home's beauty and ambiance by emphasizing design elements, architecture, and landscape features. It can also be used to highlight works of art.

Maze and Space Smart lighting solutions:

Apple Home Control
Google Home Control
Amazon Alexa Control
Dimmable lights
Colour. Temperature. Control
16 Million colors of lights
Maze and space
Dimmable lights
This feature allows for remote control of lights, enabling the creation of different moods and atmospheres to suit your needs. Dim the lights for a cozy movie night or increase brightness for work or reading.
Colour Temprature Control
Good lighting design requires proper color temperature to reduce blue light and prevent eye strain and other health issues. Adjusting color temperature can enhance your experience whether working late or relaxing with a book.
Maze and space
Color Lights
Color light technology lets you customize your home's lighting to fit your preferences and mood. You can adjust brightness, color, and even set automated schedules for color changes. These features make smart home color lights a must-have for any modern home.

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Maze and space
Smart bulbs
Smart bulbs are an innovative technology that make life easier. They have many features, such as remote control and programmability, which allow for personalized ambiance in your home.
Smart switches
Smart switches revolutionized home lighting by allowing remote control and programming to turn on and off at specific times, saving energy and reducing electricity bills. Motion sensors in some models automatically turn on when you enter a room and turn off when you leave.
LED strips
The color of mood. Create different moods or atmospheres in a room by setting different brightness and color combinations with color temperatures to achieve the desired effect.
Accent Lighting. LED strips are used to highlight architectural elements, artwork or other objects in a room. They can be installed in a hidden space or mounted directly on a surface.
Backlighting. LEDs can be installed behind a TV, mirror or other object to create an illuminated effect. This will help reduce eye strain and improve the viewing experience.
Smart Plugs
Smart sockets are a key component of a digital home. They save energy, increase home security, and make your home more convenient. They can be used in a variety of areas and are most commonly used to control the power of any device plugged into them.
Add a remote control to your electrical devices to create custom scenarios and routines. For instance, set up a relay to turn on a light and sound an alarm if a door or window opens while you're away.
Maze and space

Our R&D team constantly tests and selects the best products for our customers. We take responsibility for our installations and only work with quality manufacturers.

Outdoor lighting

If you are building or improving your home's exterior, we have a range of beautiful solutions for you.
Maze and space
Tree lighting
Tree lighting can create a dramatic effect and highlight the beauty of trees.
Smart pathway poles
Provide safety by lighting the way for people walking along the path.
Flower bed lighting
To Highlight the beauty of flowers and plants in the garden.
Pool lighting
Creates a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. Our energy-efficient lighting is durable and environmentally friendly.
Maze and space

We integrate lighting soltuins with other smart devices such as motion detectors and security cameras, providing a comprehensive and reliable security system for your home.

Christmas lighting

As Christmas approaches, homeowners can integrate smart Christmas lighting options for added convenience and control. Our range includes LED lights, garlands, projection lighting, and energy-efficient bulbs with integrated security features. Customize your lighting to suit your needs with different effects, colors, intensities, and automatic scheduling.

What we do

Our Services

IT infrastructure
IT infrastructure

A properly built IT infrastructure ensures reliable operation of the smart house systems.

Smart lighting
Smart lighting

Energy-efficient smart lighting has customisation options and can adapt to your daily routine.

Climate systems
Climate systems

Smart climate systems are designed to provide comfort for residents, energy savings and air quality control.


Smart blackout systems can greatly enhance the comfort and privacy of your home.

Emergency systems
Emergency systems

Smart emergency systems with remote control and notifications assure your peace of mind.

Smart video surveillance
Smart video surveillance

Improve the efficiency of security systems with real-time alerts and notifications of potential security threats.

Access control (ACS)
Access control (ACS)

Smart Access control system provides an added layer of security for your home or business.

Blackout systems
Blackout systems

Experience the next level of control with seamless sync between appliances, smart lights, and multi room audio.

Smart security
Smart security

Integration of advanced surveillance technologies and monitoring with other smart systems.

Smart garden
Smart garden

Smart irrigation system that saves water and ensures timely watering of plants.

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