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Automated video surveillance systems

Smart home integrated systems have a advantages over traditional cameras systems
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Continuous monitoring
Automated video surveillance systems use advanced algorithms based on sensors reading to detect unusual activity and alert you in real-time, so you stay informed about your home even when you're away.
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Increased security
Automated video surveillance systems improve home safety by detecting and recording suspicious activity, deterring criminals, and enabling you to protect your property. We use Unifi Protect that offers flexible control access 24/7 and is highly secure using private SSO from any device.
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Remote access
Automated video surveillance systems allow you to access your home's footage from anywhere in the world. You can use your smartphone or tablet to check what's happening in your home and keep an eye on your home when you have guests or contractors over.
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Access delegation
You can easily grant access to your account to your trusted family and friends, making it more convenient for them to access the video surveillance system. This is especially useful when you don’t have an Internet access and need someone to check your property for you.
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Smart home integration
Maze and Space can help you integrate your cameras with other smart home devices. This creates a comprehensive home security system that can be controlled from a single platform. Our Integration Plugin enables full support of HomeKit Secure Video to all UniFi Cameras and Doorbells, improving both security and convenience.
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Automated video surveillance systems are cost-effective compared to traditional security systems. They require minimal installation costs, and have zero maintenance cost. They are also highly scalable, meaning you can add more cameras as your needs change.
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Maze and Space are experts in designing, installing, and integrating smart home systems for outdoor and indoor video surveillance. Our core system is UniFi Protect, which is built to meet the unique needs of each client and incorporates the latest technology in the field.
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Our R&D team constantly tests and selects the best products for our customers. We take responsibility for our installations and only work with quality manufacturers.
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Outdoor video surveillance

What you get is a tailored system to the facility's specific needs by using high-res cameras.

We choose UniFI cameras for smart home automation because they have high-resolution images with night vision and wide viewing angles, and can operate in harsh outdoor environments.

Automated perimeter video surveillance is crucial for home security in the modern world. With a comprehensive system, homeowners can be assured that their property is under constant surveillance.

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Indoor video surveillance

Designing a comprehensive indoor video surveillance system for a smart home involves strategically placing cameras to monitor activity inside, and implementing an intelligent video management system.
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Placement of cameras

The placement of cameras in a smart home is crucial to ensure that the entire area is monitored. Cameras should be placed to provide a clear and unobstructed view, but at the same time be discreet. Camera placement can be determined based on the layout of the home and the areas that need to be monitored.

The cameras we use have high resolution, a wide viewing angle, and night vision.

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Intelligent video management system

An intelligent management system handles video data from surveillance systems. This system stores, organises, and analyses data using video analytics that detect suspicious behavior with artificial intelligence.

Intelligent video management system can include features such as motion detection, face recognition, and object tracking. The system can also send real-time alerts, speeding up response to security threats.

Video data can be stored locally and in the cloud , depending on the customer requirements.

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Children Monitoring
(baby monitor)

With the help of modern equipment and two-way communication systems, parents or guardians can monitor their children from a distance and ensure their safety.

The system can include motion detection and alerts, so parents are notified when their child is awake or moving.

Privacy is important when designing a child monitoring system. Every system we install offers Peer-to-peer encrypted connections to ensure only authorised users have camera access.

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